Simplify Your Style With Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Everywhere you turn these days, people are longing for a simpler life that hearkens back to their parents' and grandparents' times. Whether you're decorating your first apartment or redecorating your newly decluttered home, the simpler lines of mid-century modern style furniture will give you the clean, contemporary look you crave. Cleaner Life, Cleaner Lines Mid-century modern furniture design came into vogue from the 1920s to the 1950s and is a style that is timeless.

18 December 2015

Natural Ways To Eliminate 3 Types Of Pests

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Whether it is mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs or even deer, it can be extremely aggravating to have critters hounding you day in and day out. The last thing you want to do is go to the store and use commercial-grade products because of the harmful chemicals that are used to create them. However, you need to do something before you pull your hair out. Before you opt for toxic products or contact a pest control company for assistance, give these three safe, all-natural items a shot at eliminating your pest problem:

24 November 2015

Four Ways To Create A Water Smart Lawn

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As a homeowner, keeping your lawn well maintained is really important for curb appeal. However, you want to be sure that you are using water wisely. One of the main reasons homeowners waste so much water is because of their lawn. Here are four ways to create a water-smart lawn: Schedule Watering Accordingly: First off, you don't want to be watering your lawn everyday. It doesn't need it. Instead, consider watering only four days a week for up to four minutes each day.

30 October 2015

2 Things To Consider When Adding A Projector To Your Home Theater

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Adding a projector to your home theater is a fantastic way to create a very impressive movie watching or gaming experience, but there are a few things that you will want to consider doing in order to get the most out of the projector. When purchasing a home theater projector, you will want to consider having it professionally installed and purchasing light blocking curtains or blinds.   Professional Installation When you buy your home theater projector, you will want to consider having an electrician or home theater specialist come to your home and install the projector for you.

28 October 2015

Three Things You Need To Know About Tipping Your Professional Movers


When you're starting to prepare for an upcoming move, hiring a licensed moving company to do the heavy lifting can make this big day run more smoothly for you. Professional movers are not only adept at moving furniture, appliances and boxes of your possessions from one home to another in a careful manner, but they can also get the job done safely to avoid damage to your items and walls. Tipping is the best way to recognize the moving crew's job well done, and while tipping isn't absolutely mandatory, it's a sign of proper etiquette when you're satisfied with the work.

1 October 2015

4 Tips to Prevent Algae Growth in Your Outdoor Fountain

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Although you might love the idea of installing an outdoor fountain, one thing that might concern you is keeping it clean and clear of algae. Algae can obviously be a problem anywhere where there is water, and an outdoor fountain can be more prone to algae growth than an indoor fountain due to the higher summer temperatures and the sunlight. If you follow a few simple tips, you can help prevent algae growth in your outdoor fountain.

14 September 2015

Turning An Ordinary Garden Fountain Into A Fish Pond

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Watching fish swimming can be a natural stress reliever. Studies show that individuals who watch fish swim have lower blood pressure. If you want to enjoy the benefits live fish can provide, then turning an ordinary garden fountain into a fish pond could be the answer. Here are some tips to help you get started.  1. Make sure your garden fountain is completely waterproof. While it might not be a big deal if your fountain leaks when no fish are present, falling water levels could compromise the health of your fish.

18 August 2015

A Couple Of Tips For Mitigating Pests Around Your Home

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Pests come in a variety of types, and whether they are insects or rodents, these vermin can create some major problems for your home. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, this issue can also create health risks for you and your family. Unfortunately, there are many new homeowners that make some mistakes that can create the perfect conditions for these creatures. Here are a couple of tips that should help you to avoid making some mistakes that can attract pests to your home.

31 July 2015

Broken Window? What To Do While You Wait For The Repair Man


Broken windows can be messy, spreading broken glass on your floor and letting in bugs and drafts. Even worse, unsuspecting household members could get hurt if they walk on or touch the glass before it's cleaned up. If you want to deal with a broken window quickly and thoroughly, here are some tips while you wait for a glass repair company like United Glass Service Inc. Protect Yourself From Unstable Glass

1 July 2015

Three Chimney Trouble Signs You Shouldn't Overlook

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If you're new to having a fireplace in your house, you may not be familiar with some of the common warning signs of chimney trouble. Since you can't always spot issues simply by inspecting the chimney from the ground, it's important that you understand what you should watch for. Here are three common chimney problems that you need to know about so that you know when it's time to call for chimney cleaning or repair.

15 June 2015