Simplify Your Style With Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Everywhere you turn these days, people are longing for a simpler life that hearkens back to their parents' and grandparents' times. Whether you're decorating your first apartment or redecorating your newly decluttered home, the simpler lines of mid-century modern style furniture will give you the clean, contemporary look you crave.

Cleaner Life, Cleaner Lines

Mid-century modern furniture design came into vogue from the 1920s to the 1950s and is a style that is timeless. People longing to go back to that simpler time when life seemed easier have made it popular again. It is sometimes called contemporary or retro design, but it is really a style all its own that reflects the lives of the home's inhabitants. Mid-century modern furnishings use an abundance of polished wood and leather. Molded furniture made of plastics or plywood is also a popular element. Clean, uncluttered surfaces and bare floors are a hallmark of this unique interior look.

Bedrooms Are for Bedtime

Bedrooms in mid-century homes were smaller and more sparsely furnished. They weren't places to isolate yourself playing video games, but simply a place to sleep. For your mid-century modern decor, choose a matching bedroom suite with simple, spare lines that takes up as little space as possible. Keep your leisure activities in leisure areas.

Dining Areas Are Family Spaces

Children of the 50s remember fondly sitting at the dining room table to do their homework in the afternoons, then setting the table for a family dinner. The dining room table was a multi-purpose surface that served the entire family. Modern style dining room suites feature simple tables and matching chairs. Wood gives the dining area a warmer, more homey look, while molded plastic gives a modern, fun appearance and is easier to care for.

Living in the Living Room

Mid-century families actually lived in their living rooms, gathering to watch television or play games. Modern style living rooms not only have furniture with clean lines but have a lot of empty space for children and pets to lounge and play. Huge entertainment centers are out since televisions are now not huge, bulky items that need to be hidden away. A sleek, low cabinet can hold your television and any videos or game consoles you own hidden from site until they are needed.

The key to living a simpler, mid-century lifestyle is about doing more with less. The furniture itself is spare, clean and functional while still being beautiful and stylish. If you can picture your family in a mid-century modern home, find a local furniture dealer who can help you design an interior that reflects your new, simpler life.


18 December 2015