2 Things To Consider When Adding A Projector To Your Home Theater

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Adding a projector to your home theater is a fantastic way to create a very impressive movie watching or gaming experience, but there are a few things that you will want to consider doing in order to get the most out of the projector. When purchasing a home theater projector, you will want to consider having it professionally installed and purchasing light blocking curtains or blinds.  

Professional Installation

When you buy your home theater projector, you will want to consider having an electrician or home theater specialist come to your home and install the projector for you. The primary reason for this is that a home theater projector will need to be installed in the rear of your room, which means that a video cable will need to run across the length of your home theater room in order to reach your receiver and other components of your home theater room. If you have the projector professionally installed, the installer will be able to route that video cable through the ceiling in your home in order to hide the cable from view in order to keep your home theater looking clean and organized.

Another reason to consider having a professional install your projector is because projectors are typically installed near the ceiling. This can be a problem as the power cable for the projector may not be long enough to run across the ceiling and down the wall to reach an outlet, and you may not want to have that cable stretching across your wall and ceiling. However, if a professional home theater installer or electrician is installing the system for you, he or she can install an outlet on your ceiling right next to the projector.

Light Blocking Curtains Or Blinds

One of the biggest differences between purchasing a home theater projector and a regular television is that light management is a major part of getting the best picture out of your projector. Sure, a lot of light getting into a room can cause glare on your television screen, but you will still be able to watch television. With a projector, large amounts of light getting into your home theater room can cause the image to be washed out to the point where the image is barely visible.

When installing a projector in your home, make sure that you prepare the home theater room by purchasing curtains and blinds that are especially designed to block out the maximum amount of light possible. The darker the home theater room is the better your projector's picture quality will be. 

Speak to a home theater specialist today in order to discuss the best ways to get the most out of your projector. Having the projector professionally installed can ensure that you do not have unsightly power and video cables visible all over your walls and ceiling, while light blocking curtains and blinds can help deliver the best possible picture quality.


28 October 2015