4 Tips to Prevent Algae Growth in Your Outdoor Fountain

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Although you might love the idea of installing an outdoor fountain, one thing that might concern you is keeping it clean and clear of algae. Algae can obviously be a problem anywhere where there is water, and an outdoor fountain can be more prone to algae growth than an indoor fountain due to the higher summer temperatures and the sunlight. If you follow a few simple tips, you can help prevent algae growth in your outdoor fountain.

1. Keep It in the Right Spot

The spot that you choose for your outdoor fountain does matter, so you will need to look at more than just aesthetics. If your outdoor fountain is kept in a cooler and shadier place, it will not be as likely to grow algae as a fountain that is kept in direct sunlight.

2. Use Distilled Water

You might be tempted to break out your water hose to fill up your outdoor water fountain, but it is a better choice to look for distilled water at your local grocery store. Distilled water does not have as many minerals or other ingredients as the water that comes out of your average water hose, which means that it will be less likely to grow algae or other things.

3. Be Diligent about Cleaning

Don't slack off on cleaning your outdoor fountain. Taking good care of it does take a lot of work. You will need to clean it out daily with a small net so that you can get rid of any debris; otherwise, the debris could clog the filter and could prevent it from circulating and cleaning the water properly. Once a week or so, you will need to clean out your fountain with a little bit of dishwashing liquid or another gentle detergent; just make sure that you rinse it well. You will also need to check and clean out the filter so that it can continue doing its job.

4. Use an Algaecide

You should be able to purchase an algaecide from any store with outdoor water  fountains for sale. You can also find it in your local pet store, near the aquarium supplies. Follow the guidelines of how much to add; it should be based on the number of gallons of water that you put in your fountain. This algaecide should help prevent algae from growing.

Outdoor fountains are gorgeous, but that beauty can be inhibited if algae starts to grow. Following these tips should help prevent this issue.


14 September 2015