A Couple Of Tips For Mitigating Pests Around Your Home

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Pests come in a variety of types, and whether they are insects or rodents, these vermin can create some major problems for your home. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, this issue can also create health risks for you and your family. Unfortunately, there are many new homeowners that make some mistakes that can create the perfect conditions for these creatures. Here are a couple of tips that should help you to avoid making some mistakes that can attract pests to your home. 

Avoid Keeping Firewood Close To Your Home

Hauling firewood into your home can be an unpleasant chore to do, and it should not be surprising that many people will keep their firewood relatively close to the house. While this can help reduce the distance you will be hauling the firewood, it can make your home more vulnerable to pest problems. There are a variety of insects that will be attracted to the decaying wood, and it will be relatively easy for these insects to migrate to your home from the firewood. 

To minimize this problem, you should store the firewood as far from your home as you can. You should take steps to ensure the wood is not in direct contact with the ground because this will make it easier for insects to migrate from the soil to the wood. In instances where you are unable to raise the wood off of the ground, you can use a tarp as a protective layer between the wood and the soil.

Clean Your Trash Can On A Weekly Basis

It is common for many new homeowners to go an extended period of time without cleaning out their trash cans. While it may seem like this is  a relatively unneeded step, it can drastically reduce the presence of insects and rodents. Fortunately, you can easily modify your garbage can to make this type of cleaning a simple process. 

Drilling small holes in the bottom of the garbage can will help make it easy for you to rinse out the can when you are cleaning it. This will allow you to do this unpleasant maintenance by simply coating the sides of the can with soap and using your garden hose to rinse it out. 

Pest problems can reduce the comfort of your home while also posing significant health concerns for those inside the building. By understanding the importance of storing firewood away from your home and the benefits of cleaning the trash can on a weekly basis, you will be better able to protect your home from this routine problem. For more information on pest control ideas, contact a company like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies.


31 July 2015