Replacing Your Glass Shower Door

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Replacing your glass shower door can be a great way to update your bathroom's look and functionality. However, some common mistakes homeowners make during the replacement process can cost them time and money. 

What Are Some Of The Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their Glass Shower Doors?

A significant mistake homeowners make when replacing their glass shower door is improperly measuring the space for their new door. Incorrect measurements can cause installation issues and require additional adjustments or even a new door. This mistake with the replacement shower door could result in wasted time and money. Additionally, homeowners may underappreciate the importance of seals along the door. This could increase the chances of the door developing substantial leaks.

How Can Homeowners Ensure They Measure Correctly For Their New Shower Door?

Before you start this project, you must know what dimensions you need for your new shower door. These measurements include the enclosure's height, width, and depth. You also need to measure the area near the enclosure to determine the clearance for the door. If you use a laser level, you can get precise readings rather than relying on approximations with less precise devices like rulers. When taking measurements for a new shower door, you need to account for any hardware needed. Otherwise, the replacement door that you buy may not be compatible with your enclosure.

What Types Of Glass Should Be Avoided When Replacing A Shower Door?

While standard tempered glass is a popular choice for shower doors due to its durability and safety features, it may not always be the best option for certain situations where additional privacy or design elements are desired.

Laminated glass is another option that provides additional safety benefits compared to standard tempered glass. However, there may be better choices if you want a clear and sleek appearance since laminated glass sometimes appears slightly cloudy. Obscure glass offers increased privacy by obscuring visibility through the shower door. It may not be ideal if you prefer a more open and airy feel in your bathroom.

Why Should A Homeowner Hire A Glass Shower Door Contractor?

Hiring a professional contractor to replace your shower door provides access to expert knowledge of proper installation techniques and specialized tools that ensure accuracy during the process. Additionally, professionals often offer warranties on their work. A professional also comes with added costs compared to tackling the project yourself. However, avoiding costly mistakes can still make this the more affordable option.

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18 April 2023