Should You Put Mulch On Your Flowerbeds? The Pros And Cons

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Many gardeners suggest applying mulch as a top layer on your garden beds. But is it right for your flowerbeds? Here are the pros and cons.


Retains Moisture

Your plants need moisture but hot, dry days can deprive them of water. Putting mulch on your flowerbeds can help lock in that moisture for longer so that it isn't lost through evaporation. It does this by acting as a protective layer for the soil underneath. Once the water passes through the mulch and into the soil, the mulch will help it will stay there. If you live in an area with very hot summers, this is especially useful. It will also keep the top layer of soil soft so that it will receive water rather than create runoff.

Suppresses Weed Growth

Another major benefit of using mulch on your flower beds is that it can help suppress the growth of weeds in the bed. This will give your flowers the best chance to thrive because they won't be competing for soil nutrients. When mulch is applied on top of the soil and not mixed in, it prevents light from reaching the weed seeds underneath. Additionally, the nitrogen in the soil is tied up breaking down the mulch on top so that it can't feed the weeds underneath. If you keep mulch on the surface, this process won't hurt your established plants and flowers because their root systems are already deep enough not to be affected.

Feeds Soil

Over time, as the mulch slowly decomposes during the growing season, it will add nutrients and beneficial organic matter to your soil.


Another benefit of mulch is that it provides a beautiful aesthetic in your garden. The rich darkness of the mulch will contrast with the bright colors of your garden and provide an even visual layer throughout the bed.


The Right Amount

Getting the right amount of mulch on top of your flowerbed soil is essential for creating conditions that are beneficial rather than harmful. Too much mulch and you can prevent the flowers you're trying to help from getting the nutrients and sunlight they need and you can create too much moisture in the soil. Too little mulch and you won't have enough to lock in water and feed the soil.

User Error

Another potential problem with mulch is user error. You need to know the correct way to apply mulch so you don't damage your plants. For example, it's important to never put mulch directly around the base of plants, shrubs, and trees. They need several inches of space so the decomposition of plant matter in the mulch doesn't damage them.

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10 November 2022