Benefits Of Sealing Your Garage Floor With An Epoxy Coating

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Concrete floors are durable and stand up well in garages and shops, but they need sealing to ensure that oil, grease, and other chemicals do not penetrate the surface and damage the concrete internally. There are some options for concrete floor sealing, but epoxy floors will withstand almost anything you can spill on them and will look great in your garage.

Flooring Options

When you start to look at the flooring options for your garage, you will find many different ones on the market. You will need to carefully assess each product to determine if it will work in your situation. Paint and other products often require you to redo them every few years, so consider that as well. 

An epoxy flooring installation can uniformly cover the entire floor and provide protection against water, oil, grease, chemicals, and debris brought into the garage on your car. Once it cures, the epoxy is hard and durable and will not require recoating every few years like other products. 

If you are considering a flooring that sits on top of the concrete floor like grated tiles, installing an epoxy flooring product first can enhance the protection and make it much easier to keep your garage floor clean. 

Cleaning Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring does not require much maintenance, and cleaning it is simple. Once installed and cured, you can use a hose to spray the floor off and a squeegee to push the water out the door. Sand and other debris can be washed right out of the garage, so the floor stays clean. The water will not damage the floor, and you can use a pressure washer to spray it down. 

If you use your garage to work on vehicles, keeping the floor clean and free of dirt makes it easier to roll equipment around or use a creeper under the vehicle. When sand and other gritty materials are on the floor, the creeper's wheels or other equipment can grind the material in, but the epoxy flooring is strong enough to protect the floor under it from damage. 

Floor Styles

When working with an epoxy garage flooring contract, talk to them about the style of the flooring for your garage. Adding color, lines, or patterns to the floor under the epoxy allows the contractor to design a floor that looks great for you, and the final coating of epoxy will protect the design under it. 

This is a great way to add a line that helps align a car when pulling in, or adding a design to the floor like a large logo, a pattern like tile grids, or just adding color to the floor that will last far longer than any paint put on the floor alone. To learn more, contact an epoxy flooring service.


27 September 2021