Adding Fire to Your Interior Design Renovations? Comparing Stoves vs. Fireplace Inserts

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When you are doing an interior design makeover, adding fire features might be something to consider before winter arrives. Today, there are two options for modern interiors—fireplace inserts and stoves. Each of these options has its specific advantages, such as the ability to burn wood in a stove or using a more modern alcohol fireplace insert. The following information will help you decide between stoves and fireplaces for your interior renovations:

Simple Wood-Burning Stoves

The first options that you might want to consider are wood-burning stoves. They are the most affordable and widely available solutions to add fire features to your interior design. There are a variety of wood-burning stove styles to choose from, including rustic barrel stoves and more contemporary designs. The contemporary wood-burning stoves will give your interior design a more modern look. The downside to stoves is that they need cleaning and regular maintenance that other gas and alcohol solutions don't need.

Modern Pellet Fuel Stoves

While firewood might be good for some homes, it is not always the best solution. Modern renewable biofuel materials are a great alternative. These fuels are used in pellet stoves, which are more efficient and easier to maintain than conventional wood-burning stoves. Another great option with pellet systems is that they are also available as fireplace inserts. This gives you options to use a pellet system for a stove or fireplace, depending on the interior design you are planning for your home.

Conventional Gas Fireplace Inserts

The most popular fireplace option is a gas insert. This is because they are affordable and easy to maintain. Gas inserts also come in a variety of different styles, which make them the perfect option for custom interior designs. This is an excellent choice if you replace an existing gas insert or have the gas installation installed. You will need to have exhaust pipes and new gas lines installed for these types of fireplace inserts.

Alternative Alcohol Fireplace Inserts

Another option to consider for your fireplace is an alcohol system. These are ideal for contemporary interior designs because they give you options like open designs and glass features. It might also be good to consider an alcohol alternative if you don't have the gas service to install a gas insert. Alcohol fireplace inserts also burn a lot cleaner, which means fewer odors and hazardous fumes when you use yours. This is why alcohol fireplaces and fire features have become so popular in modern designs.

The addition of a fireplace or stove can be a great addition to your home when renovating the interior design. Contact a company that sells Blaze King fireplaces to discuss the fire feature solutions to add to your home's interior.


13 July 2021