Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn

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Your lawn is one of those things that increases the curb appeal of your property. Taking care of it should be a top priority. Getting professional treatment services will help but you still need to take the time to take care of it regularly. When you do this your lawn will have a greater chance of thriving. Here are some lawn care tips that will help you keep your lawn healthy in between professional service treatment.

Get Rid of Weeds

There are several types of weeds that you will encounter. To keep these weeds in check, you need to use an organic herbicide. However, you may choose to use a granular weed killer instead. These products need to be applied at the right time of the day. Actively growing weeds should be treated with a granular product when the morning is dewy. If you are using an organic herbicide then it is best to treat it on a warm day. The best approach overall is to apply weed killers as soon as the growing season begins this will stop weeds early.

Water Your Lawn Correctly

Watering your lawn early in the day is one of the best ways to keep it healthy. This is especially important during the summer. Early morning is the best time because the grass will have time to absorb all the water it needs. As the sun comes out the warmth will dry the excess water from grass and this will decrease the chance of disease. On the other hand, watering too late in the day will prolong the wetness of the grass, which can lead to disease.

Fertilize Your Lawn

As your grass grows it begins to use up all the nutrients in the soil. When you mow your grass and bag all of the clippings the nutrients in your soil will diminish. If you occasionally let the clippings decompose into the soil this will help to fertilize the grass a little but this may not be enough. The best way to combat this is to add store-bought fertilizer. You should have a soil test done every year to determine how much fertilizer your lawn needs.

Taking care of your lawn is all about knowing what to do and when to do it. The more you understand when to get rid of weeds, water your grass, and fertilize, the healthier your grass will be. Contact lawn treatment companies for more insight. 


12 January 2021