3 Things To Know About Pest Control As A First-Time Homeowner

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When you buy your first home, you probably want to be protective of it so it grows in value over time. You'll have a lot to learn about home maintenance and repairs so your house stays in excellent shape. Don't forget about pest control. You don't want to live with annoying roaches or destructive rodents and termites. Here are three things to know about pest control as a new homeowner.

1. Prevention Is Essential

An important part of pest control is keeping rodents and insects out of your house. One way to approach this is to have regularly scheduled visits from a pest control company to receive preventative treatments. These treatments are sometimes just applied to the outside of your house to keep bugs from getting in, so it's not a bother to have your house treated.

Another important part of prevention is to block pests from getting inside by keeping up with home repairs around windows, screens, and pipes. Seal all gaps in your foundation, under the door, in the siding, and on the roof so no pests can get inside for food or shelter.

2. Quick Action Is Vital

It's harder to get rid of pests when you're dealing with a full-blown infestation. It's better to call a pest control company for a treatment when you first spot roaches or mice. By taking quick action, you can prevent problems associated with pests, such as a bad odor in your home, destruction of your belongings, and the spread of germs.

A pest professional will identify the type of pest you have and then choose the best way to get rid of them. For instance, baits work better than sprays on some insects. Your exterminator can choose from traps, baits, sprays, and exclusion methods to eliminate pests and help keep them away.

3. Watching For Pest Activity Is Important

Rodents and some insects are sneaky and only come out after you've gone to bed and the house is quiet. This allows them to get comfortable in your home and multiply without you ever seeing a mouse or roach. However, you can watch for signs your house has pests even if you can't see them.

Listen for noise in the attic when it's late at night. You might hear scratches or squeaking that indicates mice are active. You might also see a mouse or insect droppings on your countertops or in your cupboards. Boxed food might have gnaw marks, or in the case of big rats, there might be gnaw marks along the baseboards of your house.

If your home has a bad odor you can't find and eliminate, consider if it could be coming from a rodent or insect infestation. Check your attic, spare rooms, basement, closets, and under your sinks for signs pests have been active and call a pest control company for help before damage is done to your home.


29 September 2020