Options You Should Add To Your Home Theater System For A Hearing Impaired Person

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If you know that your friend or family member has a hearing loss that can make watching television or movies at home challenging, it is important to consider adding one or more popular methods of augmenting their home theater experience. Common examples, as explained below, include wireless headphones for the TV and the use of a loop system to transmit the sound from the television or speakers directly to a hearing aid. If you want to make sure that all of your guests will enjoy your new home theater system, the following information will be very helpful.

Consider Wireless Headphones For Your Television

While previously a hard-of-hearing person might have been forced to depend on an uncomfortably high volume and often illegible closed-captioning anytime they wanted to watch something on television, now there are a wide variety of options to choose from. One popular method involves the use of wireless headphones. It is often possible for the user to adjust the volume up or down on the headphones to perfect the level of sound they are able to hear.

It is important to note that wireless headphones are often an ideal choice for a person who does not wear a hearing aid. This adaptive device works by directing a wireless stream of sound from the TV to the headphones. It is a two-part system and features a base that connects to the headphone jack on the television, which transmits the signal to the headphones.

Learn About The Loop System

The loop system is helpful for individuals who have a hearing aid or cochlear implant. In addition, even if the person in question uses an older type of hearing aid that is not wireless, he or she will still be able to benefit from the loop system. However, older hearing aids will need to be compatible with the telecoil, which functions like a tiny antenna inside the unit.

If the hard-of-hearing friend or family member in question will frequently be enjoying your home theater system, you may instead choose to have the loop system placed strategically throughout the room for future ease. Alternatively, you can opt to have your guest wear a loop around their neck. Regardless, the loop system is designed to access the sound output from the television or its speakers. That sound will then be accessed by the telecoil and your guest will be able to enjoy any television show or movie that you share with them at your home.

In conclusion, modern technology allows you to customize your home theater system so that individuals who have a hearing loss will still be able to enjoy watching television with their friends and loved ones. When you are planning for that event, it will be very helpful to consider the information provided above. 


17 August 2016