Your Top Natural Stone Choices For Your Utility Room Remodel Project

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If you are currently getting ready to remodel your utility room this summer, you should consider using natural stone for the countertops in your utility room. Natural stone is popular in bathroom and kitchen remodels and is also a great choice for your utility room. Natural stone is strong and resilient to wear; the presence of natural stone in your home can also raise its value. If you have natural stones in your kitchen or bathrooms, adding natural stone to your utility room when you remodel it can also give your home a more cohesive feel.

Here is an overview of the four most popular types of natural stone you can use in your utility room remodel.

#1 Slate

Slate is extremely durable, making it a great choice for your utility room where it will get a lot of wear. You can also easily find slate in a wide variety of different colors as well as textures; if you are looking to do something a little different or want to use a unique accent for your countertops in your utility room, slate can provide you with the diversity you need at a price that you can afford.

#2 Granite

Granite is an extremely popular type of natural stone because, like slate, it is generally really durable and strong. It also comes in many bold colors, so if you are looking to make a statement in your utility room, granite may be a good choice for you.

#3 Travertine

If you want to use natural stone in your utility room but are looking for something with more neutral colors, travertine may be a good way to go. It comes in more neutral and beige colors, which is great if you don't want your countertops to be the center of your utility room. However, travertine is a stone from the limestone family and is a more porous stone, meaning that it can more easily stain compared to both slate and granite.

If you keep your utility room pretty clean, this could be good options for you. But if you like to do projects in your utility room and use it a little more, the porous nature of the stone may not make it a good fit for your utility room.

#4 Marble

Marble offers a huge variety of textures and appearances; if you are looking for something really unique-looking for your utility room, marble can be the way to go. It will make your utility look more chic and high-end. However, marble can get more easily scratched and stained, so if you put it in your utility room, you may want to avoid doing work projects in your utility room if you go with marble. 


28 June 2016