Ideas For Reusing Your Old Shutters

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When you decide that the time has come to replace your window treatments, you may find yourself with several sets of old shutters that you have now removed from your windows. Rather than throw them away or toss them into storage and let them go to waste, you can actually reuse your shutters in a variety of ways. Get to know some of the unique and interesting ways that you can reuse your old shutters around your home and turn your former window treatments into useful and beautiful objects around the house.

Create A Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

One of the ways that you can reuse your old shutters is by transforming one of them into a wall-mounted coat rack. To do this, you will want to turn your shutter sideways. Purchase some decorative knobs or hooks to use as the hangers on your wall-mounted coat rack.

Attach these knobs or hooks with screws or nails (often included when you purchase them). Mount the shutter on the wall using heavy duty wall hanging hardware. Be sure that the hardware you choose is rated for the weight of your shutter but also the items you plan to hang on your coat rack so your new fixture does not fall or tear out of your wall. Once you have this simple shutter project mounted, you will be ready to hang coats, hats, and purses.

Build An End Table

End tables (also known as side tables) are something you can always use in your home. Whether as a decorative piece in your entryway or a place to set drinks and remotes next to your couch, an end table made from your used shutters can serve you well.

To make such a table, you will need to use four shutters of the same size and shape. Then, to make the base and top of the table, you can use solid pieces of wood that are cut to fit and painted to match the shutters. Alternatively, you can use wood canvas stretchers and then use a pieces of glass for the table top.

Either method will require you to drill holes into the shutters to attach the top and bottom of the end table. Attach the bottom and top to the four corners of your shutter frame so that the end table is sturdy and stable.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can reuse your old shutters, you can be sure that your previous window treatments do not go to waste when you are ready for a change. Go to sites that talk about shutters for more information.   


9 February 2016