How to Get a Better Night's Sleep


Sleep is an extremely important part of your day. With proper sleep, you can improve your overall health, including your physical wellbeing and mental health. However, if you are having problems getting a good night's sleep, you most likely feel it all day long. Here are some easy tips to get the best night's sleep possible.

Create a Sleep Schedule

Just like you do for your children when you are trying to improve their sleep, you need to have a sleep schedule. This gets your internal clock ready for sleep when it's time. Set a sleep schedule based on your responsibilities, such as when you need to be up in the morning or after you know your kids are asleep for the night. Try to stick to that sleep schedule as often as possible, including weekends and holidays. Start getting ready for bed an hour or so before you intend to go to sleep, including changing into your pajamas and taking a relaxing bath. Also stop consuming any caffeine or stimulants several hours before your bedtime.

Get Plenty of Exercise

If you are having trouble sleeping, consider how much physical activity you get during the day. Do you have a sedentary job and notice you don't get much physical activity aside from walking to and from your car? If so, try to get at least a little bit of exercise every day. Whether it means walking around your office during your lunch break, giving your dogs a longer walk, or parking further away at the store, this little bit of exercise can help. Of course, if you can fit in more exercise a few days a week, that will be even better for your sleep.

Buy a Good Quality Mattress

The mattress you sleep in can make all the difference. You might not even realize that your mattress is the reason you aren't sleeping well. When shopping or a new mattress, choose a store that will analyze your body type and help you find a mattress for your personal preferences. Try lying on several different ones, as you might not know you prefer a softer or firmer mattress. If you and your spouse like different types of mattresses, you can get one that adjusts on either side.

Improve Your Sleeping Environment

Take a look around your room and see what type of environment you are sleeping in. If you have a lot of bright colors and lights in your room, that might be keeping you from a good night's sleep. You should also have minimal noise, even if you think falling asleep to the television is helping. If it helps you fall asleep, it could still keep you from entering a deep sleep and cause multiple disturbances during the night. Consider using a white noise machine or getting blackout curtains to further improve your sleep environment. Talk to a professional like Denmark's Furniture Mart & Sleep Shop for more information.


13 April 2015