Get Smart: Your Kitchen Will Soon Know More About Your Food Than You Do


In today's homes, it seems like "smart" technology is everywhere. Virtually anything in a home can be controlled from a cell phone or tablet, including lights, blinds, the thermostat, and even the locks on the doors - and the kitchen is no different. Just about every single kitchen appliance is getting a smart makeover, including ovens and refrigerators. Here's a look at a few ways that smart technology is taking over your kitchen's main appliances.

Smart ovens What makes an oven smart? The addition of a small screen on the front that can display cooking tips, provide recipes, and play instructional videos. In addition, smart ranges can be controlled by an app on your cell phone or tablet. While you're not even in the room, you can raise or lower the temperature in your oven, set it to "warm" mode (or turn it completely off so you never have a "Did we turn the oven off?" moment), and even get a text message when your meal is done. There's even a built-in meat thermometer that can tell you the exact temperature of a piece of meat that's in the oven without even opening the door.

Smart refrigerators

Like the smart oven, a smart refrigerator has a screen that can display recipes and cooking videos. But it also displays an inventory of the fridge (provided you store items in the appropriate spots), can send your phone alerts when you're running low on something, and allows you to check what's in the fridge while you're away via an app. A smart fridge can even help save money on your grocery bill by recommending recipes based on what's inside, and alerting you when food is about to expire (again, provided that you let the fridge know the food was there in the first place). It does take some work on the part of the user to take full advantage of a smart fridge, but it's worth the time.

What exactly makes all of this technology beneficial though? Almost 25% of people right now say they use a smart phone to look up cooking information "all the time," with another 34% using one semi-regularly. That's over half the population. People are already incorporating this information into their kitchen. A device like this just makes it easier.

Not only are you saving time and saving money, but there's a certain "cool" factor that goes along with this sort of technology. These appliances are pretty user-friendly, so even the most novice of computer users will soon find themselves loving their smart kitchen.

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26 March 2015