Signs That It Might Be Time To Shop For A New Water Heater


When you are a homeowner, it is up to you to replace everything that breaks. Therefore, you might want to give yourself a slight advantage of learning a little about the signs of something breaking, such as the hot water heater. This way, you can start saving and comparison shopping for a replacement water heater. To get you started with this, you need to check out the following signs that your water heater is having some troubles.

Rusty Water

Make sure that you are taking a close look at the water that is coming out of the hot water faucets in your home. Does it appear to have rust in it? Maybe you do not see any chunks of rust but there is a rust color to the water. If there is a problem here, it could be that there is a rust build up in the tank that is making its way through the plumbing and into your water glass. You need to replace that water heater immediately if it is unable to be repaired. After all, you and your loved ones cannot be expected to drink rusty water.

Popping Noises

You will want to make it a habit to listen to the hot water heater every once in a while. If you are starting to notice that there are a lot of popping sounds when the unit is trying to heat up the water, it could be that the heating elements are going bad. You need to replace the hot water heater quickly before it completely stops heating your water.

Leaking From The Tank Itself

While a leaking water line can easily be repaired, this is not the case with a tank that leaks. If you have suddenly noticed that there is a spot on your hot water tank that is causing a leak, you need to pay for an immediate replacement. It is just a matter of time until that small little harmless leak turns into a massive flood of scalding hot water. Just imagine how large of a mess you are going to have should you wait until the hole in the tank becomes so large that it sends hot water everywhere in your house.

Now that you have some points to ponder, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to replace the old hot water tank before it turns into a disaster. For more information, contact a local plumbing company like Brother's Plumbing.


2 March 2015