Tips For Getting A Better Rate On Your Storage Unit

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There are a number of factors that affect storage unit rates: the size of the unit, whether it's indoor or outdoor, and what extra amenities are provided such as extra security, climate control, and an elevator.  Beyond those basics, however, there are some ways to get a better deal on your storage unit and save yourself a little money every month while still getting all the space and amenities you need.  Before you sign a contract on a storage unit, run through this checklist of possible ways to save.

Factor in Location.  A storage unit farther out on the outskirts of town or in a less convenient area may have lower rates than one located near residential neighborhoods or anywhere the cost of land is higher.  While it might be an inconvenience initially, choosing a unit in a less popular location can save you money -- you might get a larger unit for the same price as a smaller one closer to you.  If you won't need to access the unit often, then convenience to home doesn't matter much in the end.

Check for Specials.  Many storage companies offer the first month free, as well as other promotional discounts.  Check their website before you head in, as some deals are "web only" and won't be available for walk-ins.  Local print ads may also feature discounts and coupon codes you won't get any other way; look in local newspapers and coupon flyers that come in your mail.  Ask if your preferred location is willing to accept competitor's coupons to offer you the rate you want in return for giving them your business instead.

Negotiate Your Rate.  Many storage companies, especially smaller ones that are not major chains, are willing to negotiate on the price of the unit.  Make sure you speak to someone who has the authority to work with you -- ask for a manager or supervisor.  Call around to find out who is willing to make such as deal before you waste time visiting the storage location.

Sign a Long-Term Contract.  If you're willing to sign a longer lease agreement, you might be able to get a lower monthly rate locked in for the duration.  Make sure you know how long you will need the storage unit before you sign and what fees the company might charge if you need to end the contract early.  Many companies will offer you a better deal when you make a commitment.

To find out what kind of rate you can get on your storage unit, contact a facility, such as


9 December 2014