Appliance Repair: 4 Tips For Troubleshooting A Refigerator That Is Contanstly Running


The refrigerator is perhaps the most widely-used appliance in America. After all, it keeps food cool and prevents it from spoiling. Though refrigerators are usually very dependable for several years, they can break down or begin to show signs of serious issues.

The most common issue that refrigerators have is running frequently—or even constantly. Although this doesn't immediately mean you need an appliance repairman, it does mean that there is an issue.

Here's four ways to troubleshoot a refrigerator that runs too much:

1. Look for Blocked Airflow

If everything in the refrigerator is working fine: the light works, the temperature is somewhat cool, etc. but it is running constantly, look for a blocked air vent. It is possible that you accidentally placed a loaf of bread or a Tupperware container in front of the air vent.

2. Check the Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels may also cause your refrigerator to run frequently—or even constantly. If you can, refill or replace the refrigerant. If you cannot replace the refrigerant immediately, consider increasing the temperature of the refrigerator; this should cause it to stop running.

3. Check the Temperature

Determine if the refrigerator is actually being cooled. If it is running a lot, it is possible that it cannot reach the temperature it is set at. It is also possible that the refrigerator is starting to frost, which indicates an issue with the thermostat. If you notice frost, you may want to turn the temperature down and scrape off the frost. This simple solution may enable the refrigerator to being working properly again.

You may also want to try testing the thermostat by turning the temperature up and down. After each adjustment, wait a few hours to determine if any chance has occurred.

4. Examine the Condenser Coils

At the bottom of your refrigerator—in the front or back, depending on the model—you will find a thick maze of coils. Look at the coils to see if they are dirty, as this can cause the refrigerator to run more frequently, because it is harder for the heat to leave the unit. If the coils are dirty, use a damp cloth to clean them. Again, wait a few hours to see if this fixes the issue.

These four tips can help you troubleshoot—and potentially fix—a refrigerator that runs too much. If these tips don't help, it is likely you have a larger problem and you will need to call a professional appliance repairman like Authorized Appliance Repair for assistance.


5 December 2014