3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Home Smells Wonderful Throughout The Day

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Everyone likes for their home to smell great. While each person has their own ideas about what scents they prefer, most people can agree that there are few things better than having a home that smells pleasantly all of the time. Here are three ways you can ensure your home smells wonderful throughout the day.

1. Bowls of potpourri.

One way to make sure your home always has a pleasant smell is to set out bowls of potpourri in various rooms. You want to be careful not to select scents that vary too much. As a matter of fact, if you have to get different scents, you will want to at least make sure they complement each other.

For example, if you can only find one bag of apple cinnamon potpourri, you could get a bag of clove scented potpourri to mix in with it and help fill your potpourri bowls in different rooms. It is very important that the different scents go well together, or else you won't have a pleasant smell at all.

2. Candles.

Another great way to have a wonderfully-scented home is to light candles. Of course, you can only do this when someone is home, but it doesn't take long for the candle scent to spread throughout your home.

Just don't light a scented candle in the kitchen or dining room. Why? Because the smell can be so overwhelming that it can affect the way your food tastes. Some people will actually blow candles out when they start cooking, especially if they live in a small apartment because there isn't a way to keep the candle smell from reaching the kitchen and dining area.

3. Oil or wax tealight warmers.

In more recent years, people have been using tealight warmers to make their homes smell wonderful. You can use a tealight warmer for either scented oils or scented wax. Much like with the candles, you can only use these when someone is home to make sure there isn't a fire. 

In the case of using oils, the same oil can be used for a few days before the scent starts to fade. If you buy a large bottle of scented oil and a value pack of tealights, you can scent your home for at least a month, whereas a large candle will do well to last a week. 

A lot of people prefer using the tealight warmers over scented candles because it allows the scent to spread throughout the home a lot better. Using a tealight warmer is definitely a good way to go if you have a large home that you want to smell nice.


4 December 2014